Loving One Another

How Ya Doin’?

Be authentic. 

That was one of the comments Bob Goff made this morning as I listened to him. It was my Bayside Devotional for today – and he was the guest speaker. I love Bob Goff. Do you know him? He wrote “Love Does,” one of the most inspirational books I’ve ever read. Google him! 

In his morning message he concluded, “People who know how they’re doin’ seem to have the ability to give away more hope.” That resonated with me. And he emphasized the importance of our interdependence when he said, “I won’t know how I’m doing until I know how you’re doing.” He was referring to his daughter, his wife, all the people he cares about who are on his daily prayer list. 

I have a hundred people on my prayer list. Really! I put their faces before me and bring each one to God each morning. He knows how they’re doin’! God sees each one and cares for them. But, like Bob Goff, sometimes I gotta know, too. Really know. I whip off a text or an e-mail, make a phone call, write a card, or do a quick “What’sApp” connection. I gotta know. How ya doin’? I won’t know how I’m doin’ til I know how you’re doin’! Be authentic. 

“I’m fine” ain’t an okay response – unless you are! Get real. I really care.  I do!

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