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As a child of God,

God has called me,

Urging me to be

More than I can be.

More than I can be

By myself alone.

My will is not sufficient.

I can only moan.

I moan that I am

But a lonely sinner.

Only God can make me

Into a real winner.

Jesus knew He was

A child of God to begin

The work of teaching

Others how to win.

Win a life of love.

Accept God’s faithful grace.

Life is but a puzzle –

It’s a constant running race.

We race to follow.

We race to learn.

We run to hear

God’s voice – discern!

Jesus, at His baptism,

Heard God loud and clear,

“You’re my much-loved Son!”

Just what WE need to hear.

Did Jesus always know

What He came to earth to do?

At your baptism, friends,

God also spoke to you.

“You are my much-loved child,

My Spirit is now in you.”

God is at work in you.

His hand is right in view.

See His hand in others.

See how they display His love.

Continue to discern His voice.

Seek His guidance from above.

In the midst of daily living,

Be aware of God’s sustaining care.

During this time of Lenten nudges,

Hear His call and know He’s there.

God is calling – He’s urging us

To bear His Good News, voicing

“I’m a Child of God” so boldly

Others see your heart rejoicing.

Jan Beekman

(Inspired by the sermon delivered

On 2/18/18 by Rev. Jean Johnson

Titled “Continuing Discernment”

Based on Mark 1:9-15)

Be a force for Good

Yes, I couldn’t agree more. We need to be the change we wish to see!

Professions for PEACE

“Hate. It has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet.” ~Maya Angelou

“DON’T WAIT. We must generate the life we desire. We cannot base our actions on the actions of others. We cannot wait for others to be kind to us. We must offer kindness to them first. Those who wait to find someone deserving of their generosity may wait forever. Life is not a matter of deserving or not deserving. Life can only become what we dream if we become the expression of the dream we desire to live. Don’t wait. Become a transformative force for good.”
~Ann Mortifee, In Love With The Mystery


Image was on Pinterest without link but I searched the artist’s name and found Holly Madison’s beautiful painting ‘Fly me to Heaven’ in her Etsy shop.

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