Loving One Another


About JanBeek: Born in the central valley of CA just before the start of WWII, I am the second daughter of a sweet, loving, silent-type, dark & handsome first-generation Italian dad and a strong, opinionated, blond & lively Scotch-Irish-English mom who was never at a loss for words. I grew up in an Ozzie & Harriet home with a mom who was a housewife and a dad who went out to work each day –  except that my dad didn’t go to work in a suit, carrying a briefcase. He owned a smelly Tallow Works and wore blue-collar pants & shirt, drove a truck, and picked up dead animals and meat scraps from old-fashioned, saw-dust-on-the-floor butcher shops. And my mom didn’t wear an apron and stay in the kitchen all day. She was the secretary/bookkeeper for dad’s business and the office was attached to our home. My best friends were the little girls next door whose dad worked for mine  (I later learned the hard way what it meant that they were “illegals”  from Mexico).  My hobbies have been many, but top of the list always has involved something musical. I love to sing. I play the accordion and clarinet, and some of my favorite childhood memories involve going to my music lessons on Saturdays with my mom or attending a week of summer Music Camp at the College of the Pacific about 50 miles from my home. Later I would graduate from COP (which became UOP my senior year). I spent a happy career in education – teaching all ages, from K to adult. My husband of 50+ years, Bob & I were married shortly after my college graduation. We have two children and 7 grandchildren. I will write about them in my blogs as time goes by. Bob & I retired to Ennis, Montana about six years ago.  It’s a wonderful community!

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  1. Hello Jan, I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Even though I am new to this blogging community, I am enjoying it and the honest sharing it provides. I find your blog very inspiring and have included you here to help others find you as well. I know we don’t do this to win awards but if you would like to participate and choose to accept the Award, please click here to see the details: http://professionsforpeace.com/2012/05/11/awards-can-help-spread-love/
    Warmest Regards, Gina

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