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Be Led, Not Driven

On this Monday following Easter, I am revisiting some of my old blogs.

The emergence of spring in the air and the “drive” to get some spring cleaning done has me reflecting on life and its purpose.

Some of my newer followers may not have seen this thoughtful post. Please click below and contemplate with me this idea:    via Be Led, Not Driven


Easter Reflections

I found these reflections to be quite interesting. I didn’t know some of those symbolic origins. I hope you’ll enjoy this repost.

via Easter Reflections


Retold: Maundy Thursday — Andrea Skevington

As we approach Easter, I’ll share with you retellings and prayers that might help you in your preparation, and might be useful for faith communities to share. Today, we’ll look at the time when Jesus knelt before his followers to wash their feet, and gave them a new commandment – to love each other. The […]

via Retold: Maundy Thursday — Andrea Skevington


Wake Up to Nature And To Ourselves

Sue Dreamwalker is an amazing poet, and a lovely, thoughtful person.

If you have not yet met her, please do!

Go to:  via Wake Up to Nature And To Ourselves

Hear the song, feel the Earth’s heartbeat beneath your feet, and listen to the message…..

Stop listening to greed!


Haibun: My Friend, My Rock

“Love One Another” is my sub-title. That includes our animal friends as well. This story and the reference to ways homeless folks and their furry friends are cared for touched my heart. The photography is beautiful. I think you will enjoy it, too. Check out:

via Haibun: My Friend, My Rock


Which Way, Nigeria? — Shards of Bards

What happened yesterday was even worse than what I had imagined would happen. I’m still recovering from the shock. Here in Nigeria, the presidential elections were held yesterday, and like most people predicted, there was a serious display of terror and violence. I knew this would happen, though. Everyone here knew that that terrorist who’s […]

via Which Way, Nigeria? — Shards of Bards


Increased LOVE, like FAITH, takes EFFORT

via Increased LOVE, like FAITH, takes EFFORT

I had a conversation recently with a friend on the subject of WORKS vs. GRACE. I told him you can’t “work your way into Heaven” Jesus already paid the price for us. But, that doesn’t mean we are off scott-free!! I decided to do a little editing to bring this old post of mine up-to-date with some new formatting to make it more “reader friendly” and then repost it. I hope you will read it, think on it, and give me some comments at the end. Will you?

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