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Increased LOVE, like FAITH, takes EFFORT

via Increased LOVE, like FAITH, takes EFFORT

I had a conversation recently with a friend on the subject of WORKS vs. GRACE. I told him you can’t “work your way into Heaven” Jesus already paid the price for us. But, that doesn’t mean we are off scott-free!! I decided to do a little editing to bring this old post of mine up-to-date with some new formatting to make it more “reader friendly” and then repost it. I hope you will read it, think on it, and give me some comments at the end. Will you?


Increase Our Faith

via Increase Our Faith

This was a part of my reminiscence in my “Sanctu-aerie” this morning. I repost it today with all the love I can muster. God bless you!


Sweet Tweets

via Sweet Tweets

I am happy to have discovered this poet today. Have you read his delightful work? Makes me happy to share his sweet tweet… we need more of those!


Life and Changes

via Life and Changes

This is a link to the blogger from whom I borrowed the picture of those loving hands reaching out in my last post titled “Bring Peace.” I recently discovered her posts and am enjoying the chance to peruse her blog titled Peace-Renewal-Bold-Clarity. Lotsa good thoughts there. Check it out!




white eggs in brown nest

Photo by Alizee Marchand on Pexels.com

I’m not sure why “Haiku Out of Africa”

called this particular post “Nest”

unless it’s because a bicycle

is nested on a balcony.

A strange place indeed for a bike!

And I’m not sure why there’s a

reference to seven windows,

but seven is God’s number for

completeness … and this post

completes my post on sanity today

because it seems perfectly sane

in this incomplete world

that’s filled with insanity.

Like golden pearls of wisdom,

this blogger finds nuggets

in the world of 5-7-5.

Check it out by clicking “Nest” below.

via Nest


A Perfect Life…With You

via A Perfect Life…With You…  What happened to this blogger? I love his writing. He started in 2012 about the same time I did. But, now I miss his writing. Come back!


Gifts Give

via Gifts Give

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